Corona - Covid-19

During this time of Covid-19, our law firm remains open for advice and assistance. You can reach us by phone or via email. Online video consultation (e.g. via Zoom) is also possible. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to make an appointment.



Dubois Advocaten can also assist you with other legal questions or issues you face. During a first meeting, we will examine what our law firm can mean for you and if we can find a solution for your issue. If the issue requires a specific expertise, not yet present in our firm, we will in close consultation search for a competent fellow attorney. The interests of our clients are always our main concern.

You can also call on us for different issues, including:

  • - Traffic offenses (police court)
  • - Municipal administrative sanctions (police court)
  • - Eviction declarations (peace court)
  • - Bankruptcies (company court)
  • - Judicial reorganisation (company court)
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