Corporate law


As an entrepreneur, your sole focus is your business. And that’s the way it should be. The legal aspects that go hand in hand with the entrepreneurship are most likely not the aspects you want to spend most of your time on. Nevertheless, a qualitative legal support for your business is often an essential key to success and helps you to avoid problems in the future. Dubois Advocaten supports your business with assistance and advice.

First and foremost, our law firm can help you with the aspects in the field of company law, and this from the beginning of your entrepreneurship. Which form of company will you start? And how does this work in practice? Our firm will help you to develop the bylaws, the shareholder’s agreements, etc. Afterwards, we can also help you with the corporate housekeeping of your business, as well as with the drafting of agreements from the point of view of company law, necessary for the further development of your business (sale of shares, loan agreements, etc.). We can also represent an added value for associations like partnerships and for organisations (non-profit).

Dubois Advocaten is also specialized in the drafting of qualitative general terms and conditions, indispensable in modern day commerce. What are the do’s and don’ts? We are here to guide you. You can also call on us for the drafting of or advice concerning different trade agreements. We will answer all your questions about commercial rent, commercial agency, distribution, franchising, pop-up stores, etc.

We give a particular attention to the young start-ups who need their full energy for the development of their business or project. We support them in their passion, so that their start-up can become a success story.

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