About us

The firm’s vision

Dubois Advocaten is a young and dynamic law firm with offices in Ghent and Brussels that can assist you in the defence of your private of professional interests. Enjoy the experience and expertise of larger law firms, in combination with the advantages of a smaller firm. No unwieldy hierarchical structures: the direct contact with the client is key, always at reasonable rates.

We firmly believe in the role of the attorney as a legal counsel and confidential adviser. If you are facing a legal problem or fear that you might be confronted with one in the near future, we strongly advise you to take action without further ado. The assistance and guidance of a trusted confidential adviser can definitely offer a solution.

We make transparent agreements, both in terms of approach and rates. We go to great lengths for every case we handle, with an eye for accuracy and pragmatism.

Who are we?

In 2011, Bernard Dubois (°1984) graduated with a Master’s degree in Law (cum laude) at the University of Ghent, where he previously already obtained his Master’s degree in History in 2008.

After his studies, he did an internship at the law firm Versus Advocaten in Bruges (2011-2012). In 2012, he was a laureate of the law mooting competition of the Bars of Bruges and Veurne.

From 2012 until 2019, Mr Dubois worked for the Brussels law firm LMBD Prioux, where he developed his skills in corporate law, company law and liability law. Mr. Dubois assisted both individual clients, small and medium size businesses as larger companies in the field of legal advice and dispute resolution for different courts and tribunals.

In 2016, Mr Dubois obtained a postgraduate degree in company law at the Vives Brugge Business School.

In 2018, he gave the inaugural speech for the judicial year 2018-2019 at the Bar of West-Flanders.

Since 2019, Mr Dubois has joined the bar of Ghent and has his own law firm, located in the Rabotstraat in Ghent, just steps from the new court house and within walking distance of the Court of Appeal. In May 2020 Mr Dubois has joined the Brussels bar and has opened a new office in Brussels.

In Mai 2020 Mr Dubois became partner at the lawyer’s association Holmes Kirby (www.holmeskirby.com). With this increase in scale, Mr. Dubois aims to provide an even better service to its clients.

Honorary fee

The honorary fee of an attorney contains three items: (1) the honorarium of fee for the compensation of the attorney, (2) the office expenses and (3) the legal costs.

The honorarium or honorary fee is the indemnity paid for the intellectual work and practical assistance offered by the attorney or by his assistant(s).

They are applied in full transparency and with the prior agreement of the client. Different arrangements can be made concerning the honorary fee:

  • - It is possible to work with a rate per hour. This is a fixed amount (+ 21% VAT) which will vary depending on the importance (the stake), the urgency and the complexity of the case. The experience of the attorney or the assistant which will handle the case, will also be taken into account;
  • - It is also possible that a fixed sum is determined for a specific case;
  • - For certain types of cases, like for example the recovery of undisputed B2B invoices, a fixed starting amount can be determined which will, if recovered successfully, will be augmented with a certain percentage of the amount to be recovered;
  • - Finally, a supplementary fee can be charged in function of the importance of the case, the volume of the intellectual and/or practical services provided, the (positive) result that was obtained and the financial capacity of the client.

The office expenses refer to the secretarial expenses (cf. opening of the case, typing costs, telephone, copies, etc.), travel costs and other expenses necessary for the efficient functioning of the firm. These expenses are calculated either at a rate of a certain percentage of the honorary fee, or at the actual cost as indicated in the fee record.

The legal costs are the expenses that refer to the legal proceedings. They include, amongst other things, the registry charged (roll rights, contribution to the victim’s fund, etc.), the expenses for the judicial officer (citation fees, implementation fees, etc.), costs for transcripts of judgments or rulings, etc. These costs are normally directly borne by the client. If Dubois Advocaten – Law Firm advances theses expenses, the client shall refund the amount due on first request.

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